Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tis the season to hang tinsel…

So after 30 hours of travelling, door to door, I’m home from Cambodia in time for Christmas with my beloved family.

A good night’s sleep has given me lots of holiday spirit and I’m about to start glazing the succulent ham with my friend Amanda’s spectacular recipe of orange marmalade, whisky, mustard and cloves.

Tiffy is ignoring me and I think she is writing a letter to Santa “Dear Santa, please don’t bring mummy any presents this year as she gave me a bath just when I was smelling nice from rolling in a dead bird on our walk this morning.”

Just so long as she’s not trying to sniff out the dog treats I’ve got her. I made the mistake of putting them with the rest of the presents for family and friends until I caught her delicately removing hers in her mouth from the pile. Kids are kids, even if they do have a wagging tail and an amazing sense of smell.

Talking of kids, I am a HUGE kid at Christmas time. I absolutely love it and look forward to Christmas all year long. I love Christmas for all the colour, twinkling lights and tinsel adorning everything. There is no such thing as too much tinsel!

I've had lots of fun checking out all the Christmas displays around town. I saw a very innovative Nativity scene at Bison Homewares, all the characters of the Nativity are played by Bison ceramic bottles. I was inspired to write a story about it for Her Canberra,, and was thrilled when Brian Tunks at Bison sent me an email thanking me. 

I also love Christmas for the annual Dr Who special, the two go hand in hand now. My niece Maddie has managed to add that other integral Christmas element, gingerbread, to the mix; here is her Christmas homage to the Man in the TARDIS.

I’ve seen some amazing Christmas decorations while travelling through Asia over the last week. Hotel de la Paix in Siem Reap has a “tree” made from 3000 goose feathers.

I’m not too sure what the message of this Christmas display in Singapore Airport is though, it appears to be the Hindenburg heading for a crash with the Eiffel Tower. Maybe Santa will come in on his sleigh at the last minute to save the day?

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my adventures this year, hope to see you all again in 2012.

Until then have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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