Saturday, December 6, 2014

A desperate plea…

I am devastated that children in offshore detention were used as pawns to gain support for cruel and immoral legislation. 
(Hansard transcript, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young)

I am disgusted, downhearted and distrustful of this government. Lots of D words.

You see, words are my profession and I know how they are deployed. So when I hear words like "economic migrant" to demonise the plight of the vulnerable I am infuriated.

My family were economic migrants in 1920. Only they had the right colour skin so they were just called migrants. And someone with ‘economic migrants’ in their heritage, me, has made a contribution to the society, culture and public policy of the country they chose as their home.

So imagine the contributions that could be made by people who have chosen this country as a place where they can be free from the fear, violence and persecution they have already experienced.

Please show support for those who need our help and who believe Australia is a place of decent and honourable people.

You can show support by going to the AsylumSeeker Resource Centre or take part in the Get Up campaign LetterTo Asylum Seekers, so they know they’re not forgotten.

Please, speak out, don’t let this happen.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CSI: Dogville!

The following is taken from the case notes of Chief Inspector Tiffany Terrier, a veteran of crime scene detection.

Detection and interrogation techniques

Step one. Sniff it. Sniff it some more.

Step two. Ask yourself…

A) Can I eat it?

If no, go to…

B). Can I wee on it?

Usually yes, if however this isn't possible go to…

C). Can I roll in it?

Yes, case solved.

Fronting a press conference to talk about her latest case, Chief Inspector Terrier was heard to remark, “Crime’s a real bitch but I’ll leave no bones unturned to solve a case. Now if you’ll excuse me my squeaky rubber ball isn’t going to chase itself.”